The configuration data for this product is corrupt.

Since the recent update the problems I thought were solved have come back, requiring the software to be reinstalled frequently to get it running.  Now it will no longer install.  When I run the install file the following error appears: "The configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact your support personnel."

I'm on the road for two months and was counting on HitFilm to produce the two videos per week our church needs.  How can I get the software to install?


  • tddavis
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    @Labelder2003 It sounds like your issue will.need to be resolved by official tech support rather than us users here in the forum.  You can use this link to make certain they get your problem:

  • Thanks.  I'll try that.  I really needed the software to run so I reformatted the hard drive (lost all my other programs until I return home and can get the serial numbers), re-installed Windows 10 and then HitFilm Express installed fine.  But back to the old problem.  It ran once.  When I tried to start it again it just freezes up.

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