Moving around in 3d models

So I'm building the inside of a 3d space ship but how can I get my actors to move around in example a 3d spaceship bridge


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    Here is a Hitfilm tutorial that put an actor inside a moving 3D model. The actor is not walking which likely simplifies things. No camera tracking and matching the 3D model movement and the camera. But it shows the basic direction you need to be going and how the Hitfilm unified 3D space can simplify things.

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     @NormanPCN I know that but a green screen isn't 3d right??? like it does not have any depth so it would be hard for me to get actors running around in a 3d spaceship or as an example, someone going up in a 3d spaceship before it does takeoff

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    @danilkp1234 There's an inherent amount of 3D even with a green screen in tgat as an actor walks,away from the lens they tend go smaller with the perspective.  It takes,a large area of green screen, both floor and walls but it can be 'faked' with the transform properties of the clip with tedious manipulation.  you might want to look at forced perspective articles to give you some ideas, but basically you could film actors full size then for bkg people scale them down and even push them back in z space if you make that layer 3D.  Not sure if this is what you're after but hope it helps a little.

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    " it does not have any depth so it would be hard for me to get actors running around in a 3d spaceship"

    This sounds like a virtual set. You will have to film the actors with green floor and walls. If the camera is not stationary then you will need tracking points on the floor and walls to get a proper camera track. Then you can composite the actors into a virtual set. Others here might have better details.

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    This is where planning ahead comes in. Watch these:

    It is important you set a scene scale and know how to match your lens to Hitfilm's camera.

    Otherwise, like Norman says, that's virtual camera work, so you'll want to know how high your camera is and the vertical tilt angle for camera matching. Then you block out the rough layout of your ship so you can match the virtual set. 

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    NormanPCN  what would i use the tracking points on the green screen for like i have always wondered what big productions use those tracking marks for

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