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Hello. I am a traditional artist wanting to learn how to create green screen backgrounds for YouTube videos. I'm not talking about a green screen background with just a basic stationary image, but the kind of background that you can modify and augment with special artistic effects. The best way I can describe what I'm talking about is by giving an example. I'm not sure if this site's rules allow me to post a direct link, but I can give you the YouTube channel names that demonstrate the effects that I wish to learn. One channel is called ASMR Rooms. The other is called ASMR Weekly.

In ASMR Weekly, the creator is actually able to use a stationary photo and edit it to include new objects. For example, he might use a photo of a coffee shop, but there's some imported objects that weren't part of the original photo. (Example, a coffee mug that has steaming coming off it, like a cinemagraph, was obviously imported into the stationary photo.) Additionally, the creator (he specializes in ASMR sounds that help viewers fall asleep/relax) is able to film himself against this backdrop. So, he's talking to his audience and making sounds, whilst behind him his homemade cinemagraphs are moving within the green screen background.

Sorry for such a long post. I am brand new to this site and to digital art. I am wondering what kind of software I should purchase to achieve this technique. I'm assuming I probably need multiple types of software - maybe Photoshop or Maya to create the objects and some other program to create the cinemagraphic effects? I'm curious as to how I would turn the finished product (scene) into a green screen backdrop that I could film myself over. I realize there's a big learning curve to overcome, but I am really excited about learning. Any advice?

"ASMR Rooms" is not performance-based so doesn't use green screen backgrounds with an actual human. The creator makes digital "rooms" based on scenes from movies that transport the viewer into another world. Some objects move within the scene, and there is sound.

Also, would somebody let me know if it's allowed for me to post direct links to videos here?  Thanks!


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    If it helps, I work on a Mac.

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    @CreativeMousie I'm just a user here, but posting links is pretty much the only way to upload to the forum, so I think you'll be fine.  From what you described, using layers of animated images or videos that have transparency to overlay the background of choice is what you want.  Hitfilm composite shots will work nicely for you there.

    Now, if you want to have a still image move across the background, screen that can be done with key frames also in a composite.

    If I didn't get what you were asking, point to some video examples and I or others will have better ideas.

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    Hi, tddavis. Thanks for your response! Would I be able to use Hitfilm to create original backgrounds, such as the one in the first link? I see several things going on: a) moving animations like the owl; b) what looks like a painted scene of the inside of a train; c)a photo of the outside of the train that is moving; d) special effects coming out of the wand and e) the performer himself is able to appear in the video. Here is the link:

    Here is a similar video but without all the fancy animations - the only thing that is moving is the rain and the ocean:

    This link shows what looks like a photo with some cinemagraphs that look like they came from photos:  

    This link looks like original artwork with digital animations: Would  I need to use a program like Maya for this? 

    I know this is a lot. I would probably start with learning how to use one software first, but ultimately, I'd like to learn all of the techniques demonstrated in all of the links I've posted here.


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    @CreativeMousie You would only need Maya or something like Blender if you were going to create the objects floating around from scratch in cg models.  However, you can also use images of those object masked out from backgrounds for the same purpose.  And Hitfilm should be capable of reproducing these kinds of videos with practice at the techniques involved of masking or roto scoping and tracking (my worst hurdle, I'm afraid)  It appears to me the actor was filmed in front of a green screen cloth or painted wall and the background was assembled from various assets i.e. video, stills, and possibly models.

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    Tddavis: Thank you very much for your input. I am checking out the Hitfilm Pro software right now. It looks like a good program! In the 1st link (Harry Potter train) and the last link (the greenhouse), the majority of the background (not just the moving objects) looks like it's original artwork and not a photo. Do you think someone painted these backgrounds by hand or created them in a cg modeling program? Or is there a kind of filter that you can use in Hitfilm Pro to make photos look like illustrations?

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    @ CreativeMousie

    Hard to say.  There are indeed filters available to give a hand drawn look, but they could also be rendered in a 3D program made to look drawn.  And with the right artist they could be painted.  Really, it would be a case of whatever which best suits your need.

    Creating a background image could be done in photo software with layers and transparencies then brought into Hitfilm and composite with your live action and use layer elements to have motion and in the case of the cars outside moving on the street in that one video you would leave the windows transparent in the bkg image and put a video layer behind  (or rather under) it.

    Edit:  Having had the chance to look at the last example on my computer screen instead of a small phone screen, I think some of it appears to be video game type graphics, and looks like some of it may processed layers of photo images with various filters on it, but some of it may well be painted art.  Still hard for me to tell.

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    Again, thank you so much! I may start with getting the Hitfilm software and learn how to use it with a green screen. Then, I can learn the 3-D modeling with another software to create objects later on. 


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