J and L Cuts with ALT key ?

fredclipsfredclips Website User Posts: 228

Hi all, I've been away from Hitfilm (and video) for a while now and only just upgraded to the lastest Hitfilm Pro. My previous version was Hitfilm Pro 4.

In the past I've always done J and L cuts by unlinking the video and audio tracks. I see now that there is a feature where you 'hold ALT' and Hitfilm will only trim the track you are on (video or audio).

I cannot get this to work! What am I missing here?
I'm in the timeline of my project and I can trim the existing clips normally. But when I hold ALT and try and trim nothing happens. Nothing trims or changes at all.

I saw the gif file in this old thead,

As far as I can see, that is exactly what I'm trying to do, but without success.

It does look very useful which is why I'm interested in getting this working.


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