Is it possible to share an hfp file?


Recently, I made an edit for a friend of mine but when I exported, there was an error. I went to the "export in-out contents" and found that some composites would not export. I decided I was going to just send the actual hfp file over to him and he would export on his *much* better PC. However, when I sent the hfp, it wouldn't grant him access to the file. Is there any way I could send that over or fix my export error?


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    @BIGSKITTLE I may be wrong here and someone else could chime in. But I believe it would require the other computer to have the same files and located in the same locations as that which the original hfp file was located, at minimum they would have to re-link all the media used in the project otherwise it will just spit out a Offline message on each layer that there is file media. Or possibly make a folder and put all the media files along with the hfp in it and send it that way (yes it will be quite a larger file to send) then at the least all the other user has to do is point each offline message to the correct file/folder location. 

    Not sure if there is a way to pack all media used in a hfp so that it all is contained with the correct file locations.

    You might also check out this link as well to a previous similar question in the forums.

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    The support files can be relinked as necessary, but even if they are not there, you should still be able to open up the base project file. The main reason that I think your friend cannot open the file is either because he is using an older version of HitFilm than you, or because the file somehow became corrupted when you transferred it to him.

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