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This has been eating at me for a while now. 

I use After Effects to edit entire videos and color in resolve.

Currently I've been working with a lot of slog3 footage. My workflow is: Start assembling in Premiere, then use the dynamic link function bring all the clips and overall structure into after effects. Edit in after effects, then render as a prores file. Then I bring that file into resolve, use the blade to cut everything into clips again, then color each clip. Then I'll export, and bring back into after effects to combine with the master audio file and export a final render. I understand this is not the proper way to do this.

The problem is, I am going to be working with Scarlet footage, from 1080 to 5k. I simply don't understand what the workflow would be to use after effects to edit and resolve to color - in a way that I'm coloring the R3D files, and not losing quality, and also not wasting my time coloring clips that won't be used for the final cut, as well as tracking somebody's face throughout a 30 sec shot when I will only be using 3 sec of it.

Help please!



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    I'm not certain if a Hitfilm forum is the right place to ask an Ae/Resolve/RED question.

    I'll tag @WhiteCranePhoto who is the only user I can think of, offhand, who shoots RED.

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    For your current workflow, use scene detect. It will save you quite a bit of work once you learn how to use it.

    For working with Redcode, you'll want to learn to conform in Resolve. To do that you need to start by exporting an interchange file and import that interchange file into Resolve and relink that to the original raw footage. Then you get to work.

    And you'll be wishing for Redcode support in HitFilm. 

    The Adobe -> Resolve workflow isn't very good. You have to be very careful about how you structure your edit in Premiere or you'll be recreating the edit in Resolve. 

    There are some guides on doing this in the Black Magic training manuals, which are available on BMD's web site as free PDFs along with the sample footage to work with. They'll get you through the basics, but for when things go awry, also export a reference edit from Premiere that includes clip name and timecode as burn ins. Of course, Premiere appears to not have a data burn feature, so you have to use some silly tricks to do that instead of just using a data burn like you would with a professional NLE.



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