What camera and Mic to use for budget filmmaking

So I'm making a low budget star wars fan film I have my Samsung Galaxy S8 but the fast-moving lightsaber battles and so on where I need tracking some frames are just too blurry I have heard in this video


that I need a camera with high shutter speed but what are some budget high shutter speed camera like I don't think I should use a GoPro?

and i also need ideas for what mic to buy since wireless mics are expensive and wired lavalier mics like the rode smartlav+ you have to be very close to the camera and it would be hard to hide the wires and I don't even think you can use 4 rode smartlav+ since the actors need to be moving away from the camera in the scenes


TLDR: need ideas for a budget camera with high shutter speed and budget mic for filmmaking where the actors are awey from the camera


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