BUG: Deletes Image Sequence Folder on task cancellation

PalaconoPalacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,442 Enthusiast
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I exported a clip as an Image sequence, but I'd evidently not clicked hard enough on the Select Folder button and Hitfilm was exporting to the same folder as the import sequence.

I suspended the export and deleted the task so I could redirect it to the correct folder. Filenames were different anyway, so I could have just cut'n'pasted after export, but I thought I might be doing this more than once, so thought I might as well do it properly. I found that Hitfilm had deleted the entirpe folder, including all the original images that it had imported, so I had to recreate them again.

I know it makes sense to delete part-formed video files when Export is interrupted (although the ability to restart a suspended export would be useful) so to delete the images makes some sense - although again, leaving them to restart from a later frame would be useful - but deleting the entire folder, with everything in it is too much.

Apart from the problem above with the nuclear option it currently uses, you "Select a Folder", so it's one that already exists, or you have to create it, then select it. For it to get deleted means you have to Create it again next time. So...don't delete the folder either, and just delete the images that were created?

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