Info for the Hitfilm team: Potential problem with purchase via Paypal/Checkout

LapisDemonLapisDemon Website User Posts: 26

Hello, I just wanted to purchase via Paypal (my preferred way to pay), but gotten an error. (See pic.)
I tried it twice.
Payment via credit card works.

I got no issues whatsoever to check out with Paypal on other websites (e.g. AliExpress, Ebay, Humblebundle, various other Onlineshops), and I didn't make any adjustments to my firewall.

However, I'm still not sure if it's on my end after all, but regardless, I thought I'd inform you, just in case there may be something on your end, as this may potentially impact your spring sale.

It'd be great if you could leave a message whether or not the error is on my end, although I can, as I said, purchase via Paypal-Checkout on other websites with no issues whatsoever.

Regards, Meri



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,282 Ambassador

    I'll tag in.... Hmmmm I'm not certain who the web dev team is these days. @GavinBarker He'll know who to pass the note on to. 


  • LapisDemonLapisDemon Website User Posts: 26

    Ah Gavin, I recently had a short convo with him on Twitter about HF, nice guy :)

    Thank you Triem!
    I also just replied to you in my other post :)

    Have a nice day!

  • GavinBarkerGavinBarker Staff Website User Posts: 98

    Hello again! :) 

    Were you able to get this PayPal issue sorted in the end? 

    If not, it's worth sending a ticket over to our Customer Service Team, who may be able to figure out if there's something playing up at our end (I've not heard talk of any PayPal issues, but you never know!) :)

    Keep me updated on how it all goes though! 

  • LapisDemonLapisDemon Website User Posts: 26

    Hey Gavin ;)

    Nope, Paypal didn't work, so I had to use a credit card.
    Not everyone - at least in Germany - got one though, or is acquainted to others who got one :)

    Most here still prefer cash/real money, or easy-peazy payment via Paypal or Directpay (with SMS-Pin from your bank institute).

    I still don't know if the Paypal-payment issue on FXhome is only on my end, I just paid these days on 3 other websites via Paypal with no issues whatsoever.

  • GavinBarkerGavinBarker Staff Website User Posts: 98

    I'll do a bit of digging for you and see if this is something anyone's aware of at our end...

  • LapisDemonLapisDemon Website User Posts: 26

    I mean, personally I don't care (for myself), just wanted to make sure it's not on your end, as you may potentially lose a bunch of money because of that, if so, and albeit I can't support you much, at least I can inform you ;)

    As I already mentioned to you on Twitter, I love people who support the community in whichever way, and I'd like to see such people succeed. Knowing you're still a small team, money is even more important to grow as a company and to continue to keep developing something.

    Take care!

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