A Short Film edited with HitFilm Express


Chris finds himself in a forest forced to face the mysterious trail without knowing what was to come, he was all alone out there or so he thought.



  • DafterThings
    DafterThings Posts: 984 Enthusiast

    Very well shot and edited. Sound, music, acting and script really good too. Particularly liked how the camp light was used to frame the 'reveal' shot over his shoulder.

  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,096 Moderator

    I agree.  It was an exceptionally well done example of short film.  Aside the shot mentioned revealing the mysterious figure, I noticed a simple one with a just a branches and the moon at about 1:48 but some branches where colored differently (or lit different) that really made it stand out to me and I thought it was well done.  Good job.

  • Kiplake
    Kiplake Posts: 53 Just Starting Out*

     Really well done. Great night time filming. Beside the aesthetics of the completed film, the fact that you worked as a team to put it all together, using affordable gear and a free video editor should be noted. I think it takes away people's excuse concerning "if only I could afford better gear." Bravo.

  • GavinBarker
    GavinBarker Staff Posts: 98

    I don't think I can add much that hasn't already been said...this is really impressive work! We've been watching it around the office today and it's been received very well :) 

    I enjoyed the fact you didn't resort to cheap jump scares every 30 seconds. Successfully building tension is something that takes restraint and skill...I feel like you pulled it off! 

    Would you be happy for me to share this across our social channels over the weekend? I think this deserves more attention across our community and further afield!

  • maneo11
    maneo11 Posts: 125

    Really nice work. I enjoyed it and genuinely wanted to know what the eff happens to the main character. I really liked the beginning shot of the snake moving along the leaves in the beginning and you managed to maintain the tension throughout. My only criticism if you want is that you used fade to black during  some tense moments and that was slightly jarring for me personally, but that’s a real minor. Great job ?????????