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Dean Salter
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Can somebody please point me in the direction of a tutorial that explains how to edit audio within a video clip. Copy and pasting etc, because i can't seem to find anything for the life of me and i have just sat through the whole 27 minute tutorial "Project One: Getting Started In HitFilm2"  and it hasn't explained anything close to what i am looking for help on.


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    There is quite a lot of discussion about audio in the tutorial you mentioned and it's the one I would have linked you if you hadn't already mentioned it. 
    If it didn't have anything close to what you're looking for - can you tell me a little more about what you're looking for help with in exact terms?
    From about 11:10 in that tutorial, you are taught about trimming e.g. using the slice tool. You're also shown how to change the volume using the drag feature on the white line. Later from about 23:00 you are shown how to create keyframes to change the volume as you wish. 
    If you're looking to copy and paste, the standard shortcuts (which can be found in the options menu under 'file' in HitFilm will show you Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X as appropriate). 
    Thanks :)
  • Dean Salter
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    Excellent, this has given me the answer i was looking for. Looking over Hit Film 2 i was beginning to think whether i was just being completely ignorant or whether the audio editing was in fact very limited. Thankyou very much for the tips none the less :D
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    Hello am new to this software and from the little i have read from there is not much about production sound editing and enhacement. Please is there any pro features for sound enhacement or a third party application is required. Thanks.