Take out your anger on my first gunfights!

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About a year ago I did the effects for this video, it looks horrible. Go ahead and mention everything wrong with it! It'll take 5 hours. Here's most of what's bad:

  1. No muzzle flash except for one has interactive lighting
  2. (It's a fortnite video) There's no death drone picking up dead people.
  3. It's a fortnite video

AND THAT"S NOT ALL! You can help to spot worse things!



  • BobDiMarzioBobDiMarzio Website User Posts: 632 Just Starting Out

    Looks like you all were having a lot of fun.   That's all that matters.

  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,168 Moderator

    @BobDiMarzio I agree 100%!  @Mistery1307 At your obvious young age that you have managed to use HItfilm to create any VFX is a testament not only to Hitfilm's ease of operation but your capabilities as well.  Youth is definitely more ambitious than old age. :)

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    Agreed. It looks fun and, frankly, what you managed to do (a year ago) is pretty good and takes a 'normal' video to a new level. 

    Don't worry you *will* get (constructive) and very honest criticism on this forum but, from what I have seen so far in your posts, you should present your stuff here with a bit more confidence. 

  • Mistery1307Mistery1307 Website User Posts: 177 Just Starting Out
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    Man, the people here are too nice.


    can people actually criticize this?

  • triforcefxtriforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,059 Moderator

    @Mistery1307 Because the footage you were given was less than ideal, I don't think I'd want the effects to be better than they are. In my opinion, the effects should scale to the rest of the film. If you were given Avengers quality video, then I'd want Avengers quality effects. You were given an amateur iMovie edit and you added effects that were more than good enough for that.

    It's also more difficult than you might think to give criticism on a year old video. We know you've grown beyond that... You've already told us the biggest issues with the video so we know you're learning and growing from that. 

    If you can either record or use a high quality video and add effects to it, then you'll get much more and much better critique. I want to see what you're capable of with high quality footage. 

    Since you wanted critique, I'll see what I can do-

    Your muzzle flashes lasted too long. Typically when using a .PNG I'll only leave it on screen for 1 frame. Never more than 2 frames with the second one being a fade.

    Your explosions and muzzle flashes could have blended better. Expirament with the different blending modes, even when using a PNG with transparency. Add and screen are good places to start.


    Like I said, get some high quality footage to play with, then we'll talk some more.

  • DafterThingsDafterThings Website User Posts: 878 Enthusiast

    I agree with @triforcefx
    I'm struggling to understand the benefit of critiquing a year old video which you are not happy with yourself.

    Why don't you re-do the video  with your current skill level fixing all the things you're not happy with and then post it again with the things you'd like advice on?
    .... OR just accept this was done a year ago and move on?

    .. and +1 for eveything said about the muzzle flashes.

  • Mistery1307Mistery1307 Website User Posts: 177 Just Starting Out

    Yeah ok, how do you delete a thread?

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