How could this be done with Hitfilm?

How could I recreate an effect similar to this one in Hitfilm? It goes from 2:10 to 2:22


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    Is it possible in HitFilm? The way it's shown here, technically, yes. But it would also take far more time than doing it the "right way." It would involve hundreds, if not thousands, of masks and keyframes.

    The actual animation looks like it was made in Flash or something similar. It may have also been hand-drawn. If you wanted to go the hand drawn route, HitFilm could help you stitch it all together.

    I believe HitFilm has a couple effects that could replicate the "drawn-out" look based on an image or video, but those effects can be hit-or-miss and wouldn't look exactly like what's shown. Look into the Stylize effects.

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    @triforcefx I semi disagree here. I think much of this is done in a 3D app using hand drawn/animated textures mapped to polys. The rocket flyby looks like a 3D model with a pencil/toon shader. 

    @Coldamic for that kind of cartoon, hand drawn look (especially those clouds) bottom line is you have to draw frames. Or find stock media with the right look. 

    In Pro much of this could be semi automated. Properly textured 3D models for the Earth/Moon. Particle Sim to spawn clouds. 


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    @Triem23 is there any way to draw frames in hitfilm?

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    @Coldamic several. For straight lines you can use effects like Grid, Lightning, or Lightsword. You could create small, thin planes (like  1500x3).

    It's curved and organic lines that get tricky. You can add varied distortion effects like Displacement, Bulge, Sphere, etc to straight lines to bend and curve them. 

    You can always draw lots of masks on planes to create any shape you want. Closed masks in Express  unless you have Neon Path, in which case a mask can be left open. 

    Problems here, and @triforcefx already hinted at this, are you'll end up with different masks/effects, possibly planes, for every single line. That's going to add up to dozens, if not hundreds (or more) planes, effects and masks. That many layers masks and effects will slow Hitfilm down more than a small imported graphic file. You could pre-render all your line work, but you'll use a lot more drive space than stills.

    You could do it in Hitfilm but it's a lot more work. 

    GIMP and KRITA are excellent drawing/photo apps and both are free. 

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    One more thing, do you think the explosion at the end was hand drawn or is there some way to do it in hitfilm easily (meaning not hundreds of layers)?

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    Hand drawn.

    Generally for a Hand Drawn look you need to draw things.

    You could TRY... TRY grabbing a stock explosion and running a find edges on it, then a threshold, then an invert to create black lines on a white background. How well that works will depend on the clips, and it will look like a filtered video clip, not hand drawn animation.

    BTW, remember that most hand drawn animation (or stop motion) is animated at 12 frames per second....

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    @Coldamic Just kibbutzing here, but the explosion looks like two parts to me.  The rocket as it goes into the planet (sun?) (white clouds) looks like a fire fx made B/W then the gray clouds separating looks hand animated.  I want to say about hand animation that I learned in a FutureLearn course; you don't have to draw every frame.  Most handrawn animation is done by drawing on the 2s or 3s meaning 12 frames per second but each is doubled for 24 frames per second on the 2s.  on the 3s it would be only 10 frames spread out over 29.97 fps.  Of course, you could do 15 frame for 29.97 fps which would be on the 2s again.  I hope I summarized that effectively.  It's been a couple years since I took the course.

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    @tddavis Yup,  that's all accurate.