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I am trying to edit a 360  video on the latest version of Hitfilm Express - I have stitched the video (using Insta 360 Studio), and have imported the 5.7k MP4 file to Hitfilm. The audio plays, but it is not displaying the video frame. I've checked the video is playable outside of Hitfilm. Do I need 360 add-ons even to do simple editing, or am I missing something? I've watched the tutorial, but am drawing a blank. Thanks.


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    Ok, this is about due for an update  but you'll end up needing this video..

    Chances are your video is in a format Hitfilm cannot read. Likely h.265. You'll need to convert to a format Hitfilm can read. 

    The video discusses the pros and cons of varied formats, how to use MediaInfo to determine what your original video is, and discusses several programs you can use to do the conversion. 

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