3D question: What's this and what can we do with it? Quadspinner landscape generator

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A question for our people working in 3D/Blender:

What can we do with this if we're not fluent in 3D?






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     I haven't downloaded the software, so I have no idea how easy it is to use.  But, if there wasn't a huge learning curve you could certainly use it for rendering hi-rez backgrounds for your comp shots.    Even as a hi-rez image you can move the image, zoom-in/out to create motion.  Add some atmospheric effects in HF, such as particle clouds to give it some depth.

    If the software outputs a 3D format that HF will read, complete with UV maps, you should be able to pull that into HF and fly the camera around without having to be a 3D guru.

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    I looked in...It appears to be a terrain map generator that you can then use in other 3D applications (like Blender) It looks like it's still in early release. Free version limited to 1k it looks like. Just reviewing a short video it's node based ..and with most node based programs there is a learning curve.

    I think you'd have better luck teaching yourself procedural landscapes in Blender from folks like Gleb Alexandrov of Creative Shrimp

    or grab yourself a copy of World Machine

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    @Graymotion @Stargazer54 Not to mention PDHowler. 

    So, there have been a lot of terrain generators over the years. Bryce, VUE, Terragen, PicoGen, World Creator, etc. And they all work in basically the same way. A Fractal Noise generator creates a height map. The height map is applied to geometry. Depending on the generator textures might be procedurally generated, hand painted, or a combination of the two. Depending on the generator you may or may not be able to export things in a format Hitfilm can use if you want to render in Hitfilm, or the generator might have its own render engine.

    What can you do with a landscape generator? I know this sounds smart-arsed, but... You make landscapes. That's what they do! They're basically specialized 3D apps that don't contain lathing and extruding and all the fun manual stuff, just fractal builders.

    Gaea being node-based likely has a bit of a learning curved compared to non-node-based software. Nodes are powerful but complex.

    Otherwise, free is always good.

    The main thing about landscape generators is, since they ARE subsets of full 3D modelling apps optimized to create specific things, is they do tend to be easier to use than general purpose tools. Again, landscape generators are fractal based. Well, there's nothing that says I can't render out a fractal noise from Hitfilm and use that as a displacement map in Blender on a high-res plane to make a landscape. One can. it works well. I could even adjust that same fractal noise in Hitfilm to create water and land textures to UV map onto the plane in Blender. Heck, Blender has fractal noise and procedural texture generators. One can already do the same thing in Blender. But the landscape generator will be tuned in ways to make creating landscapes more easily. For example, setting a "water height" is functionally almost identical to using a Levels filter on a fractal noise to "cut off" all gray below a certain point. Landscape generators are more fun to play with than a general tool.

    Gaea looks like a damn powerful tool in it's class. May as well give it a download and a spin!

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     Followed this and was able to get a mountain looking thing into hitfilm unfortunately I'm still trash with 3D models but I think this can be a cool way to create background elements

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    Gaea looks like a damn powerful tool in it's class. May as well give it a download and a spin!

    I thought about it installing it @Triem23  but it requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher...so I skipped it :-)

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    Sounds like a bunch of noise to me. :)

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