Muzzle Flash Tutorial Problems

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OK I'm new to HF and attempting to do the muzzle flash tutorial. First problem I have run into is getting the tutorial file to load like it did originally with the files in the bin and the timeline blank. Now every time I load the tutorial file it loads the completed project on the timeline. I tried deleting and then unzipping the tutorial file and reinstalling HF with the same results. I am out of ideas here.

So I decided to just delete everything off the timeline and go from there. Then I ran into the second problem. In the tutorial it says to select the path button to automatically set keyframes. Great. But when I advance from the 3 second mark to the 5 second mark the path button is deselected. When I press the path button again the original keyframe is deleted and new one is placed at the 5 second mark. Now I can't begin to complete the project. It won't let me set more than one keyframe. I'm at a total loss here.

Also in the tutorial it look like the radio button next to ADD is selected. When I press on it to activated it nothing happens. It remains unselected. I don't know if that has anything to do with it?