Bug when syncing dual audio with video footage.... anyone else?

TonyCarretti Posts: 6 Just Starting Out

I've noticed that Hitfilm Pro 12 does a great job of syncing a dual audio recording with the scratch audio of the video file.  Unfortunately, when you bring the merged file to the timeline, the audio waveform does not match up to the actual audio being played.  Basically, if you're trying to edit by looking at the peaks and valleys and looking for silence between words, it's not matched up with the video even though the audio itself is matched correctly.  I hope I'm making sense.  Anyway, was wondering if anyone else had noticed the glitch or if I was the only one.  


  • Juda1
    Juda1 Posts: 299 Just Starting Out*

    I can confirm the same with Hitfilm 11 during my last Music projedt. Depending on the timeline zoom the peeaks walked 1-3 Frames to left or Right - I was unable to edit by using the displayed waveform alone and had to Playback very often to match by Hearing.

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