Audio stopped working once I exported

I had spent many long hours editing a video, full audio all the way through with no problems. Once I had finally finished and exported the file, I realised there was no sound. I had just finished editing where the sound was perfectly fine, but when I went back into hitfilm the audio stopped working in that entire project.

Does anyone have any ideas, could it possible not be exporting caused the project to become corrupt. I need any help I can get.


  • triforcefx
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    edited March 2019

    Are you on Windows 10? I've noticed that audio in Windows 10 can be a bit broken sometimes... Try this.

    Restart (not shut down) your computer from the Start menu. When things come back up, open Hitfilm again and see if your audio is back.

    Edit: before closing HitFilm, you may want to save a secondary version of your file, just in case.