FxGuru is pretty awesome.

I just bought all the packs for this phone app, it automatically composites 3d content into your phone video recording and has pretty damn good results, though the content packs are gimmicky and not generally useful beyond tech demos. But with the right content these things could be dope. So my feeli g is FXHome should make something similar, where it analyzes the footage and is able to composite in a few clicks. FxGuru uses like a floor plane that you set and it sets where the composition orient everything, on a phone it isn't precise when done by hand but it is very effective and fast. If they had better, more anonymous effects it would just be outstanding really. So my feeling is this is the future. I don't know if FXHome wants to make a mobile app, but incorporating something this easy in Hitfilm would be really wonderful. A mobile app that could export everything as a Hitfilm composite shot would be perfect.