3d model with animation as particle texture???

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I've been thinking about ways to use some particle sims with 3d models as source textures for the particles, and I was wondering if I have a 3d model with an animation, will I be able to use it as a 3d particle texture?? I've been thinking of doing this for filling in large crowds. I know something like Blender would probably be best for this, but I'm most comfortable in Hitfilm, so I wanted to see if I could do it!!


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    Yes. Doable

    The  tutorial below does not have an animation sequence attached but should give you the info you need to pull it off

  • Triem23
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    This tutorial sets up X-wings as a fleet. The main X-wing model is animated to open the S-foils. As you'll see, all the particles animate opening the S-foils. 

    This video is one of my tests. In this case I animated a single Cylon Raider and duplicated with particles (the weapons fire is also a duplicated 3D model animation). Key thing here is the Cylon is fully animated - all the forward motion, the flip, dive and leveling out - by being parented to points. So particles duplicate motion to the original from point rigs. 

    I don't have a video of this, but, if your original model has FBX or ABC animation, that will also animate in the particles.

    Note any motion given by the particle sim also applies (and stacks onto the model animation). In the BSG animation I posted I gave just a little Speed Variation to the Cylons in the particle sim (I think 25 or 50 pixels/second). This means as they fly by they aren't all at exactly the same speed. Some go just a bit faster  which adds random organic motion.