Feature Request: Export presets

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I tend to use Imerge for a couple of use cases - editing photos, producing assets for web, and occasionally frames for video. For each of these I have preferred export settings, which at the moment I have to add to each project (and potentially set up as batch output formats, too).

It'd be cool if I could set up some custom export presets app-wide, for example:

  • Max quality JPEG
  • Web ready JPEG
  • Instagram
  • Website banner (this one makes even more sense with custom canvas size presets)

Then when I come to export from a new project or set up batching, I can just change a dropdown to one of my presets.


  • rikkiloades
    rikkiloades Staff Website User Posts: 158 Moderator
    edited March 2019

    Thanks for the feedback! This idea fits well with a bunch of related things we have in our list of features to consider for future releases. We will add this right alongside them to be considered at the same time.

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