How to see the addons / single fx I bought in the past (Hitfilm Express 2017) in Hitfilm 12?

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Hey and sorry to come with this up -

as I guess this question came here from time to time.. though I'm not sure if there is an answer.

I know that you guys from Hitfilm did repackage the addon-package a time ago. And I can see which packs I bought in the past in my account. But: It's not possible to see, which exact fx were inside. So everything in the addons-tab says "buy" right now. I know, that the bought items are kept with my account... it just would be helpful to see which ones I own in Hitfilm Express 12 now.

EDIT: Found this 
- then it would be the way to suppose all features not mentioned in the disabled features list are the owned? Would be nice to have it the other way round

btw. No error after closing Hitfilm now in version 12 (which is great!) and drove me a little mad in 2017 - and I'm still using WIn 7 (!). Thanks for that!

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