Watermark still shows up?

I spent hours editing a video on Express and when I went to export it shown 3 hitfilm triangles as a watermark, I looked it up and they said that it could be that they possibly used an add-on I didn't buy, so I tried with a 5 second video and put no edits, I went to export it and it still shown the watermarks, when I play the clips It just has 2 piano notes playing with the audio faintly in the background. 

I've never had this problem before and tbh I don't know what I did or how to fit it


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    Sounds like you haven't activatesd the software yet and it's still in demo mode.


  • Just activated it, I just went back to the video, I just lost half of the video, still I tried to export it but it gives me the watermark

  • I keep activating my account but it keeps deactivating me lol everythings going wrong

  • alright, im gonna try again

  • Thank the lord finally, I figured it out, still not happy that 2 hours of editing is gone somehow but it's okay now

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    Well. Your forum history show's your forum account has existed for a mighty 20 minutes. We'll back up a bit.

    Your Hitfilm registration is tied to the email address you used to download the software. if the account you have used to log into the forum is NOT the same email you used to download Hitfilm the first thing you'll need to do is create a new forum account using the same email you used to download Hitfilm. Otherwise, you can't do a lot of what's to come.

    Since you've "never had this problem before." You've told us you've been using Hitfilm for longer than 20 minutes.

    Do you have prior versions of Hitfilm installed? In this case I'm asking about Hitfilm Express 3, 4 or 2017. The current "Hitfilm Express." with no version number is a different program from any of the three I just mentioned, and it's a different activation key. If you had Hitfilm Express 2017 installed, and just downloaded and ran the current version installer, then you have not and cannot activate the current Hitfilm Express, because you haven't registered it yet. It's a "different Program."

    Have you changed computers? Hitfilm Express can only be activated on one computer at a time. If you installed on a second computer but haven't deactivated the first computer yet, then, well, you cannot activate the second computer until you de-activate the first.

    On the Account page on this website (tab in the upper right of this screen) You will be able to see any software you have installed, and can check your activations. Again, if the account you used for the forum is not the same as your Hitfilm download, then your account info will show nothing. You're looking for "Hitfilm Express." NOT "Hitfilm 3 Express," "Hitfilm 4 Express" or "Hitfilm Express 2017." Those are all different programs and are not the current version.

  • Aight Aight Im gonna explain what happened


    I broke my laptop that had Hitfilm and signed up using the email I used for my laptop, it was activated on that account and that's why the watermark shown up, after deactivating that and activating me, it created a glitch where it got rid of most of the video, the thing is I could get it back by inserting another video where it "ended", it brought back everything after that


    thanks for wasting your time though bro

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    No, worries. Glad you figured it out  

  • They should add like buttons, Thank guys this was helpful.

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