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Jean_Phi Posts: 17

Hi FXhome team,

I'm starting my youtube channel and will learn a lot of thing. I discovered Hitfilm two years ago.

I'm a process guys in industry and sound engineer for fun.

Know, I have to move far away from home and I can't use my main server to organnise correctly my files. But my Cubase workflow, a well known audio software, gave my an idea for Hitfilm : export all the project with medias.

When recording audio, you make a ton of wrong records. Cubase keeps everything. When mixing is done and finished, I LIKE to export the project to save only used audio files and project in a simple and single place, in a backup HDD at least. then, I can delete original folder if I want to free space.

For Hitfilm, it can be very nice to export a project with all medias used in one folder. It will be the perfect way to backup projects in a separate HDD for example. Personally, my media are in various folders, videos with videos, pictures with pictures, etc. And save the hitfilm project, or exporting it to work on another computer will takes a long time.

And it will avoid cataclysm if I rename or move a folder that contains used media !

(Yes, I can make a folder for every project and copy every used medias into it. And I will do it. But it's more time to take that I can use better ^^ !)



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