Hey guys,

I worked on a project before and every time I created a composite shot from a media file, the name would be something like "[media file name].compositeshot" and when I edited the composite shot, it would automatically update the media file in the editor timeline.

But NOW I am working on a different project and when I make a composite shot of a media file, it just comes up as the same name as the media file. So no ".compositeshot" after it. AND when I edit the composite shot, it does NOT update automatically in he editor timeline.


I'm not sure what happened and I would love to go back to editing the composite shots and automatically updating in the editor. 


I don't recall messing with settings, so if anyone knows about this or how I can go back to the automatic composite shots in the editor timeline, that would be awesome.



  • Andy001z
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    But sure about the .comp making, but if you make a comp from the editor then make changes to the comp eg grading it will update the master edit, however I think changing the name may affect the reference .I'll have to try it.

  • Andy001z
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    Well @Tillymane you have found a bug. I tried it and sure enough if you create a comp from a media file then rename it from within the comp to something else, the editor timeline does not update with the new name. It seems to do this even if you create a new comp and place you media in that comp then rename the comp.

    I'll tag in Hitfilm @CedricBonnier looks like Tillymane found you a new negative feature. Or is this indented, seems odd if it was. Pretty hard to keep track of you timeline if you rename comps.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @Andy001z This is intended behaviour. The name you are seeing is the name of the instance of the media, not the name of the media. What should be allowed is to rename the instance to that you could at least fix it manually.

  • Thanks guys, I got it. :)

  • Andy001z
    Andy001z Posts: 3,383 Ambassador

    @cedricbonnier I am not sure I explained myself clearly. I understand what you are saying and know that. However, surely if you make a new comp then change it's name while open it should be reflected in the comp media panel, it does not, neither does it create a new listed instance. It still feels wrong, we are not coping the comp and changing the name.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @Andy001z I'm not sure I understand what you mean... Are you talking about the name of the comp on the sequence timeline or in the Media panel? When renaming the comp in the media panel, the name used in the editor sequence does not update by design (whether that is correct or not is another question). The name in both the media panel and the comp tab title do update as expected.

    What is it exactly that you are expecting?

  • Andy001z
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    @CedricBonnier I guess I was expecting what you said does not happen. If I chance a comp name in the media panel that is already on my editor timeline then I would expect the name to update on the editor timeline also. I noted that yes it updates in media and on the comp tab open, and yes if I drag the same comp over to the editor timeline it uses the new name. Yet both are linked to the same comp just one has the correct names. This seems silly and could get very confusing. So not a bug, just a design improvement?

  • Triem23
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    @Andy001z I actually do NOT want updating the name of a Comp in the media panel to automatically update names in existing timelines. This is more about comp shots  but I often use the same (embedded) comp shot multiple times on different layers for different things. Those comps are all re-labeled according to current use. So if I changed the comp name and all instances update the name automatically, then my entire project organization is messed up and now I'd have to manually track down and re-rename layers.

    This is a catch-22 request. If the behavior isn't changed half the users will wish for it. If the change is made half the users will wish it wasn't  

  • NormanPCN
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     +1 to @Triem23 statement. I don't want layer names/labels to change when the source media happens to change names.

  • Andy001z
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    Ok didn't think about that point. Tricky. What's stopping you makeing a duplicate of the comp and using that? I guess more disk space. But even through the comps aren't indervidual u still rename them. I'm not sure I'm clear on how your using them. I'd it about layering effects on the embedded comp.

  • FilmSensei
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    +1 to @Triem23 statement also. I think making duplicate comps will clutter the media bin as well as make things less procedural. The idea is to change something in a comp and have it change everywhere in the project. If I duplicate the comp, then I would have to go through more than one comp to make the changes that I want.

  • Palacono
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    If you place a comp called Wibble in the NLE, then rename it to Bloing and place it again, you now have the same comp with two different names.   If you then double click on Wibble, it will open you up into the comp called Bloing.

    How is that a good thing?

    You can then duplicate the Bloing comp and you now have two of them. Rename the second one to Wibble and place that in the NLE. Then rename the comp to Frizzle, open it up and delete a layer.

    So if you double click on one of the Wibbles it will open up the Bloing comp and the other one will open up the Frizzle comp with the missing layer. With more subtle changes: no way in hell to know which is which.

    Of course the NLE versions should update to reflect their new names in the Media Bin, or why bother renaming them at all? IF there was some way to indicate which Media was being used (if at all) and where in the NLE, or in comps, then you'd stand half a chance. As is currently stands: don't rename anything.

    A small dot on the thumbnail in the Media Bin to indicate it is used, and to also have the option to highlight in the NLE where it is used would be very helpful, as would the 'remove unused media from the project' option.

    As for @Triem23 's assertion that he uses renamed versions of the same comp to do different things: a) how, if they're all the same? and b) duplicate and rename them in the Media Bin then, as that duplicated info would be tiny. Put them all in a folder to indicate they're actually the same thing if you're feeling particularly OCD about it.

    The current system, with no option to rename things once placed in the NLE is not easy to use. That only Proxied files have thumbnails in the NLE means you're working semi-blind half the time as it is, without making it even more obscure to work out which comp you're actually using.