[SOLVED] No audio device then : "Could Not initialize the playback engine for the sequence"

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I'm restarting work for my youtube channel. I did a simple video without any probleme, restart my computer with an upgrade to do the, I got this trouble.

I tried restart, uninstall reinstall, but it didn't work. I saw someone else had the problem after a W10 upgrade.

Thank you for you help :)


  • Jean_Phi
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    I just retry an harder way to uninstall.

    The error stays.

    After reinstallation, I discovered I still have activation and presets known. I try to uninstall, delete programdata and appdata files, shut down, reinstall. I had to reactivate, ok, but hitfilm still remember the projects I edited. I'm thinking some installation parameters are also saved somewhere, and the installation is not made like a first one, I'm I wrong ?

  • Jean_Phi
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    SOLVED - no audio device running.
    I'm using this computer to create and edit music. For this, I'm using separate audio cards, that I turn off if not used. So I ran Hitfilm without audio device.

    I was saved by the error shown i TRIMMER windows, telling "ensure you have an audio device running". Please devs, shows it in viewer windows too, it could had saved me this tries, and could help other people :)

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