Is there really no way to speed up an audio clip?

Recently I found a song that would really work with my scenes. As I had it on my media panel, I played it on the trimmer screen and hit "L" to speed it up a bit, I quickly loved how it sound since it fit the scene even more. I knew hitfilm had a speed effect, but it's only for a video's fps, it doesn't effect audio. My question is, does hitfilm still not have a way to speed up audio? Since it is such a basic effect. I don't mean pitch, I'm well aware of what it is, I mean speed.


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    Yes, HitFilm's speed and audio features are a little lacking... Thankfully, they've mentioned their plans to improve things eventually.

    Lucky for you, there's no need to wait! You can use the Rate Stretch tool In the timeline, or you can Right-click the audio track, select Speed/Duration and set it to 200% (or whatever sounds best).

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