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I am making a video in which all my clips were 720p, but I have since figured out they were actually in 1080p but were degrading due to how I downloaded them. I would like to change the size of the "canvas", if you will, to fit a 1080p video, however, I'm not sure how or even what to search on youtube and google for a tutorial. HELP!


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    @Jacksonian4905 You need to change the composite properties by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the composite shot in the media bin.  There it will let change fps, dimensions and a couple of other settings if need be.  If you are on the Editor timeline you would click on the gear icon at the bottom just above the "snap to" magnet/horseshoe -looking thingy :) to get the same window to change the settings.  Hope this helps you out.

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    @tddavis is correct. You can change the resolution of Composite Shots and Editor Timeline by clicking the gear icon at the bottom left of the timeline.

    Terry (tddavis) didn't discuss a couple other quick things. 

    Changing the resolution of your timelines does not automatically rescale timeline media after changing canvas size, which means you will have to manually re-scale your clips. For this you have several options.

    In the Editor Timeline you can

    • Right-click a piece of media and look in the context menu for "Fit to Frame." Use "vertical."
    • Click a piece of media and, in the Layer Controls set the scale to 150% (the ratio to scale 720p media to 1080p)
    • Once you have scaled the first media clip, while it's highlighted, you can copy (CTRL+C) the clip, hold down CTRL and select the rest of the clips (left click+drag should let you draw a box around the clips), then right click and select "PASTE ATTRIBUTES." This will paste the Scale into all other clips. However this also pastes any effects from the first clip.

    In a Composite Shot:

    • You have all the same options as the Editor Timeline  plus/or... 
    • You can also create a point and parent your clips to it. Scale the point to 150% and all parented clips scale up.

    Finally, scaling up 720p clips can introduce softness.  If you can re-download the clips at 1080, then, in the Media Bin you can right-click each media clip and choose "Relink." Pick the new 1080p version of the file. This should swap the 1080p clip for the 720p clip while keeping your edits and effects. Since your media is 100% "real size" this "real size" transfers to the 1080p clips - so they should fill the 1080p timeline as soon as you swap them in. 

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