Jack Ryan Scene Recreation.

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A much more improved scene recreation compared to the last one I think.

Got to get this one out just shy of the film's 25th Anniversary!!!

My all-time favorite Jack Ryan film.

As always any tips to make the next scene look even better and less comical are appreciated.

Enjoy: and I have put the comparison down below with it as well.






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    I think you "mouth matched" the scenes perfectly. If Harrison Ford's voice wasn't so recognizable, I'd think it was yours.

    I liked your screen graphics for the most part, though sometimes they didn't blend all that well. I think some scanlines and some mosaic would greatly add to the effect (if you don't have the scanline effect, it can easily be replicated using the grid effect.)

    As far as screen replacement, I would recommend building all your screens 16:9 and then using the quad warp effect to pin your interface to the corners of the screen. Obviously there's the problem of the actor being in front of the screen. For that, you could try displaying a pure green screen while filming, or attach some green paper to the screen. You'd have to play with it a bit to see which one works best. It also has the added benefit of making the corners easy to find.

    All in all, nice job! I really enjoyed it!

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    Thank you!!! 

    Yeah, I realized after filming that I should have had a green cloth or something onto the screens so I could key it out and add the effects that way.

    Appreciate the tips! and glad you enjoyed it.

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    New logo also? Nice!

    The lip synch continues to be your strength. And I think you've improved framinngas well. As for the screens, triforcefx gave you some good tips. Another one is to use the screen as green screen. Just have a full screen green screen and you're set to go! (Like this).

    On the room for improvement bits, I'd pick again "what's in the frame" (there are some random objects that don't have to do anything with the scene) and focal length. The shots of Ford, even if from the computer perspective were shot with a longish length (check the compression on his face), while yours looks like a wide angle (or ultra wide) with your face very close to the camera.


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    Yup, new logo.


    I noticed in the last two scene recreations that I was overacting a bit, so this time I did the lines kind of flat like Harrison Ford did and it ended up improving the sync a lot on this one.

    Downloaded the image, thank you.

    There were a lot of things I removed for the other characters set, but I kind of messed up on jack's.

    (That Believe sign and chef picture being the most noticeable.)

    Ahh, thanks, I did not catch the focal length till you pointed it out.

    Again, I appreciate your feedback + insight and looking forward to improving on the next one.

    Thanks for checking it out!!


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