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Following on from the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, which quite a few people seemed to like and which most people noted managed to introduce the concept without spoiling the story, WatchMojo just put up an interesting little collection of trailers that DID ruin the movie they were supposed to be promoting:
What do you guys reckon to this? Particularly interesting in the list are Avatar and Two Towers, whereby the spoilery trailers clearly didn't do anything to harm the success of the films.
What are the best non-spoilery/worst spoilery trailers you've seen?


  • CalebKCalebK Website User Posts: 435
    Gravity has to be one of the best trailers I've seen. Allmost no plot in it and only spoilers from beggining. However it could have shown abit more of what would happen as some didn't want to see it till they saw the reviews.
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    Actually, I don't have a problem with Gravity's trailer, in terms of "spoilers, vs no spoilers.": Gravity doesn't have much plot--it's an "open water" film in space. Gravity's trailer does a perfect job of setting up the central dramatic question--Sandra Bullock, is blown free of structure in low orbit. How's she going to get out of this?
    My only problem with the Gravity trailer is, after a text caption about there being no sound in space, some idiot sound editor had to junk up the trailer with gratuitous explosions and subsonics. Sometimes the sound editor doesn't actually watch what he's adding sound to, I guess....
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