Quick 3D effects,masks, and other fake stuff

Alexander Harte
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Question:Is there a way for my quick 3D effects such as phaser bolts,bonfires, explosions and such to be behind me in a scene? As if I were to walk around a fire or something. Surely I would not have to use green screen? If there is such a technique I would appreciate all tips and tricks.
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  • AxelWilkinson
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    Convert the effect to a composite shot, which will embed the 3D effect into a 2D layer.  Then add a mask to the 2D composite shot layer.
  • Alexander Harte
    Alexander Harte Website User Posts: 8
    Ok. I guess I make the mask around me or any object that does not need coverd up by the effect? And then hit the little circle button?
  • Triem23
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    Check out Axel's tutorial on masking tools if you haven't yet. You have at least two ways of approaching this. Either duplicate your footage, put the duplicate above the effects, the use an ADD mask to mask in the objects you want to occlude effects; or, convert your effects layers to an embedded composite shot and use a SUBTRACT mask to hide effects.
    It's possible you may ADD from the video layer and SUBTRACT from the effects layer in the same shot. Which to use is going to depend on the shot and how it's more comfortable to think about it.
    Is the shot static, on a tripod, or moving? Depending on how you shot, there may be others tricks to make this a little easier, but you're probably going to still have to hand-roto.
    Or, someone else might have another idea. :-)