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While doing tracking and 3d camera solves I've always wondered why we can't just have probes that send signals to the camera that gives the camera the relative coordinates to the camera.  This would make tracking easier (however it would still be needed in some cases). Then i was reading the news when i came apon this article!
How cool is that! Just imagine the 3d compositing things that would so much easier if the camera has a sense of the location of the main planes!  I just though i had to share this article with the hit film community!


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    Yup, that article is neat!
    Incidentally, there are "probes" and such that send positional information back to a computer for storage, and, of course motion control rigs to repeat a movement on set, and use the same motion information for rendering. This gear used to cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then it had to be set up, checked, aligned, etc, which added setup and strike time to shoots. Especially since most movies are still shot single camera for most sequences. Oh, yes, and now you have morion data for every take... To log, store and synchronize with your footage.
    So, when computer tracking in post became a practical reality, it was an amazing godsend! Sensors went away because, at the moment, it's honestly faster, easier and cheaper to track in post.
    This may change again with new technology.
    Caleb, buddy, I don't mean to come off condescending, but I know you're a young-un. My guess is you're 13,give or take two years. I'm up in my 40's,and in the video world, that makes me a grizzled old man. ;-) So here's my "in my day" rant: You kids who are starting out have no clue how good you have it. With Hitfilm Ultimate's Compositing, 3D, Particle/physics and animation functions, not to mention 3D camera solves? Back when Peter Jackson made Fellowship, (since we brought that up in your fireball thread) this would be a $100,000 suite. You're going to have so much fun... (Hitfilm Express is about equal to After Effects 7,without expressions, which is a incredible feature set for FXHome to hit in Hitfilm *2*.)
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    Tango is very interesting indeed, though slightly terrifying to think that you'll be able to add full 3D geometry awareness to stuff that Google Knows About You.
    Bear in mind the Kinect camera that comes with the Xbox is basically a camera with depth perception. It's a fascinating bit of tech conceptually - while the depth perception isn't high enough resolution currently for our purposes, it holds a promise of what might be possible down the line. eg, imagine being able to mask out a person from a shot without needing a greenscreen OR any masking/rotoing - instead you simply apply a depth threshold, so that anything within a 3-4 metre distance from the camera is isolated from everything else. Instant key based on position rather than anything else.
    Whether the depth stuff can ever be of high enough fidelity to work on stuff like hair I really don't know - presumably semi-transparent subjects could also be pretty confusing for the system.