What exactly is Action Pro useful for?

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If I’m getting this right, then the software is used to create fluid motions either by drawing or hand motions (with the Leap device or whatever it’s called—I can’t recall the name) rather than what can be tedious keyframing. Let’s say you were making a spaceship battle scene where you have spaceships flying around each other, would it be easier to do it by keyframing or action pro? Thanks.


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     @Triem23 do you know this answer....

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    @HeySiri The answer it... "It depends." I have worked extensively with Action Pro (using my mouse and my Wacom Tablet, not a Leap Device) to create all kinds of organic movement. I have manually keyframed  natural looking movement as well. Take a look at these videos for examples...

    A beginners overview of Action Pro...


    A sample shot of landing a ship using organic movement generated in Action Pro...

    @GrayMotion's tutorial on Action Pro...

    Some of GrayMotion's excellent examples...

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    Looks like we are still waiting for the promised 3D input capabilities with either app or Leap Motion. I appreciate their effort and Leap Motion looks to be difficult to implement. It's noted in the release notes. A Coke is on me when they manage to get through the API's on Windows.

    My experiments with Leap motion thus far has been the equivalent of mouse input. I also am looking forward to the type of thing you would like - it will save me dozens of hours. ROTATION. ROTATION. ROTATION. Can't wait.....!!!!

    Keep on keeping on!

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