My Editor's Timeline Scale Zoom Bar Won't Budge in Express 12 for Mac

tbgg Posts: 2

I am a brand new user of HitFilm Express and I am trying to follow along with your YouTube tutorial called How to Create TV Show Intro Titles.  In the first exercise, when I get to about 2:02 in the video, where it tells you to move the editor's slider bar to 4.12 or so, I can't do that - the bar only moves in 1 second increments.  Snap is turned off, and I'm assuming I should be able to zoom in to allow getting that granular on the timeline scale.  However, my Editor's timeline zoom bar won't budge - it looks grayed out, like it's inactive. 

I created a nonsense name for my first composite shot called Bandersnitch, and I'm on that tab in the Editor.  I note that when I'm on the Editor tab instead, the zoom bar works, but I triple-checked the training video and it clearly shows that I should be on the tab for the first composite shot, Bandersnitch in my case.

Am I missing something obvious here or does this sound like a bug?  I also note that the sample file included with the tutorial was created in a prior version of HitFilm Express.  I went ahead and converted the file to the current format.  I don't know if that's related to this problem or not.

Thanks for helping out a poor, clueless newbie! 


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