Installed Hitfilm, I open to a black screen.

I downloaded the newest hitfilm express 12 and every time I click on it it open to a large black screen. When I move my mouse over the black I can click and it opens the YouTube videos that you post there. 

But I just get black screen, even after redownlaoding and reinstalling it. 


  • triforcefx
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    @Wolfpackjones have you successfully used Hitfilm on this computer before? If so, which version?

    What are your computer specs? OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, free space on your disk? What brand is it? If it's custom, what motherboard?

  • @triforcefx I have used hitfilm for years now on this computer. I used the previous version. (The one before the current one)

    I used windows 10. The CPU GPU and RAM I have to look up, but they are all pretty decent, I can play big games on them. I also have a lot of free disk-space. 

    I look on the form and see the new Hitfilm has quite a few bugs, -- are there any solutions to the one I have? 

  • triforcefx
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    The best I can say at this point is to make sure everything is up to date. Windows, GPU, other drivers. 

    It would be helpful to know your exact specs. Typing "System information" in the start menu will get you that info.

    If other versions were running fine, your best bet may be to submit a support ticket. 

  • Was this resolved? I am having the same issues, yes I have a computer that meets and exceeds hardware requirements, yes I uninstalled the older version prior to installing the new one, etc

  • TheBenNorris
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    @cmiranda1309 this thread is nearly a year old, and was most likely a problem with the user's machine. Are your drivers completely up to date? What are your specs specifically, as they may suggest an issue with a specific driver or hardware.

  • flez1966gmail
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    ''this thread is nearly a year old, and was most likely a problem with the user's machine. '' - yet here we are in 2021 and i'm having the exact same issue, opens to a black screen, things exist on this screen, i can click things and black things happen on a black background but i know things happen due to sound and 'sales' videos start playing etc.

    programs as complex as this need a compatibility checker that spits out a report, user dont have time to fault find they just move on.

  • TheBenNorris
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    @flez1966gmail that sounds like you're potentially below spec or have an outdated graphics driver. I recommend updating all of your drivers and providing your system specs, or there is little anyone can do here unfortunately.