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Good evening,
I use Hitfilm Express for a year, two months ago I decided to opt for the PRO version. The stability of the software has been a strong argument to encourage me to buy. Everything was perfect until the day I updated to version 12 ... I'm aware that the stability of this new version will take time, and I congratulate you for being so efficient!

BUT .. As a profesionel, I can not afford to work on software that crash every 5 minutes to do things that Hitfilm 11 did without a crash. So I went to: https://fxhome.com/software-install/hitfilm-pro/ hoping to find the old version. And unfortunately, we can only have the news ...

As a suggestion, I would like to suggest you add the history of your downloadable versions. I paid a license, and I think that as a customer at home, we should have the choice of the version, especially the time to make Hitfilm 12 as stable as the 11th.


  • Because of this, where can I find again on your site, version 11?


Thank you !

PS: I know I can not use my projects from 12 -> 11, it does not matter!


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    @Matsuki_Ritashi I think this may be what you are looking for:


    You have to scroll down a bit.  Hope it helps you out. 

    Note: You will probably need to completely uninstall 12 then reinstall 11 and, of course, you had to have 11 installed before because it cannot be activated for new installs only reinstall as I understand it.


  • OMG !! I feel stupid ahah! Thank you so much for the help! :D 


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     @Matsuki_Ritashi No need to feel bad.  It was kind of buried to find.  :)

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    I know how you feel Matsuki_Ritashi I was excited for the promise of a faster 12 with some nice new features and a slick redesign.  But after a few days found I liked the old UI better, and the preview window performed worse.  I would of been OK with it feeling the same, but despite me having an nvidia and intel system it was worse.  So I uninstalled it to go back to 11 at least for now.  If I used the program less I could of toughed it out and perhaps help a little to find bugs and solutions but I use it too much for my projects.  I have confidence that it will improve, there has all ready been some bug fixes since I uninstalled but I'm gonna wait for a few more changes.

    Also to be fair, 12 did render projects about 20% faster. 

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