Small problem, effects don't stay in place

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I have recently started with editing and therefore downloaded the Hitfilm demo.
I have one problem atm. I made a quick smoke effect on some old footage to show it. As you can see, the effect is moving with the camera. How can I solve this? Any help is appreciated.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    What you are trying to do is called Motion Tracking, and there are basically two ways to achieve it: the hard way, and the expensive way.
    The hard way is to manually reposition the effect so that it stays where you want it relative to the frame. For a simple panning shot like this it wouldn't actually be all that difficult, as you can likely set it for the first and last frames of the move, using keyframes, and it should be pretty good. You will need to activate keyframing for the position controls before you start repositioning the effect, so that you can set keyframes to change its position over time.
    The expensive way is to get yourself some motion tracking software to track the camera movement, then import that motion tracking data into HitFilm. That data will allow HitFilm to know that the camera was moving when you filed the shot, and it can therefore move the footage for you so that it tracks right into place. And honestly, this doesn't have to be all that expensive, decent tracking software starts at about $99 I think, with a few free options out there as well which may be a bit more fiddly. But regardless, it will still involve learning an additional bit of software, so you can get accurate tracking data for your shots.