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So I finally started doing some photo editing in IMerge and I'm starting to fall in love with it... it reminds me of Luminar, but I'm finding the effects to be easier to customize, and it's much more responsive than Luminar.

For adding effects to a layer, it would be nice to have a palette; I find myself grabbing that drop down on the + icon a lot when I start up a new image. It would be easier both for adding effects and for seeing what effects are available with a palette or toolbar view or something.

It is btw blazing fast... fluidly responsive. I haven't tried much keying in it yet, but I have some photos that I want to do some compositing in (sky replacements, virtual sets, that sort of thing.

It is very reminiscent of HitFilm functionally, but it makes me lament all the more that HitFilm doesn't support any form of raw import.




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    Hey @WhiteCranePhoto. Thanks for stopping by and its great to hear your feedback.

    I would like to just explore what you mean by a "palette" or "toolbar view".

    Imerge 2.0 introduced an Insert Menu that can be activated from the project menu or by pressing "Ctrl/Cmd + I" then depending on your selection will give you relevant options and is searchable. It can insert layers, masks, effects and more. That might help speed up your workflow and be what you are looking for?

    By palette do you mean a way to save a stack of effects which you can add to a layer? Like common combinations.

    Toolbar view, I assume just means available on the screen rather than in the submenu - so it could be an effect panel, or a bar of icons which allow you to add them?

    Please do let me know what you were thinking and if any of the above would address your pain point.

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    I didn't know about the insert menu -- it does help. I was thinking of something like Photoslop's tools palette, since especially when you're new to it, you don't generally know what all of the available effects are, so having them on a palette that's nicely organized for searching is a nice bonus.

    A palette where you could place common combinations would be excellent. That would make for a very nice usability boost.

    But yeah, an effect panel that basically gives you an overview of the effects available and as a bonus enhancement gives you a preview of what the effect does would be cool...  :)

    Thanks :)


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