Imported files has only sound

One week ago everything worked just fine with the software. However, right now when  I upload the file to Hitfilm for some reason in only has sound, but doesn't show the video itself. When I try to watch the same video on the computer without uploading it or on the phone it works without any issues. Also, I have updated the quick time and hitfilm, so have no idea what causes this issue. PLEASE HELP!


  • Stargazer54
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    What file type?  encoding type?

    A Media Info report would be helpful.


  • File type is mov. I don't know what encoding type it is. How do I look it up?
    This issue is really annoying. I might upload videos from my Iphone and usually 5 out of 10 works without any issues why the rest just has sound... And right now every file that I try to upload has this issue. 

  • triforcefx
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    What version iPhone do you have? If it's a 7 or newer, it might be encoding in a newer format which Hitfilm doesn't recognize (and won't recognize for the foreseeable future because of licensing) to switch to something HitFilm does accept,  go to iPhone Settings > Camera > Formats > tap Most Compatible.

    As far as getting your existing footage into HitFilm, you'll have to transcode (convert) it to h.264 or another compatible format.

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