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I am working on a project for one of the daughters to be projected on stage.  She needs a specific text to appear on a chalk board as if being written by a ghost.  I signed up for a free trial of AE to use the stroke/text reveal and that was easy.  Now, I have created a "piece of chalk" (a plain white cylinder in Blender) and exported it as an FBX and brought it into Hitfilm where I have arranged the PNG sequences of each line forming that I exported from AE.  I started out manually key framing the position of the chalk and it was going slow, but well then the darn mouse started jumping around and moving layers again like my recent Wishlist post and then after frame one the chalk would disappear.  No matter what I did I could not get it back.  So I reimported the model, copied the keyframes from the first one, had all the setting exactly copied and it's all off and not smooth like it was before.

Sorry, long story short: Is there a way to automatically have the model follow the text as it appears?  I don't think tracking would work in this instance as there really isn't 1 point to track?  But I may be wrong about that.  Oh, the text is all that appears in the layer the rest is transparent except for the chalk.  I have a feeling it's manual key frame or nothing but wanted confirmation.  Thanks all.


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    Um....cant you render the text out, import it into Blender. Then animate the chalk (using an empty) to the letters being drawn then export the camera , empty and chalk model out of Blender for use in Hitfilm?

    Not sure about the other things you mentioned..jumping mice and rendering past frame 1 with the model. Is the ver 12?? If so...sounds like the things is an absolute mess..a paid Beta release

    EDIT: BTW - If you ever need anything in the department of text animation think about me in the back of your mind. I can creat almost any type of animation you want with Motion 5 and FCPX and then render it out with  Prores 4444  so you can use it

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    @GrayMotion I had not thought to go back into Blender with the PNG sequences.  I'll have to experiment with that.  Actually, I discovered this morning (when my brain wasn't fried :) ) that the mouse jumping issue was a bad mouse.  I had thought it low battery and changed that last night, but this morning I grabbed my laptop mouse and so far it's not jumping.  Yes, I'm using 12.1 and really I have had no issues except this one that had an external cause. (Knock wood!) But it's really made me appreciate the use of locked layers if/when they get added.

    Edit:  I forgot to mention that the key frame not copying over issue was also mea culpa :)  I got messed up where I was keyframing and switched the world transform/orientation with the model transform/orientation.    Once I got those back right, it all fell into place again.  Never did figure out what I did to the model to make it disappear though, but importing it again solved that.

    Thanks for that offer.  I will definitely keep it in mind.  Got the first line done 4 to go...

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/gv7bdg4qepri8vi/Matilda Chalk Board.mp4?dl=0

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    Okay, got that project completed.  I got two lines in and everything went wonky on the key frames so I scapped it and started over realizing that I should have created a point and keyframed it then parented the chalk model to that.  It went much, much faster plus the new mouse helped a bunch.  Here is what it ended up like for anyone interested in what the heck I was talking about :)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbbwza1tlhkyght/Final Chalk Board Scene 30 fps.mp4?dl=0

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    Very nice! Four stars.

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