My first cc & vfx reel feedback welcomed :)

TstrongVfxTstrongVfx Website User Posts: 4
First Color Correction & VFX video Reel Feedback is welcomed 
Programs used: After Effects & DaVinci Resolve Lite
Camera used for all shots: Canon T3i


  • ESPicturesESPictures Website User Posts: 533 Just Starting Out
    Interesting. First, I think the music is a little distracting.  Music without vocals would probably be more effective.  Where did you license the usage of it from?
    Second, the VFX is a little flat. Instead of looking as though it's part of the environment, it looks like it's just sitting there.  Maybe try having the effects interact with practical things more in the shot.  So instead of say, putting a fire effect on top of the subjects hand, have it wrap around the hand.  Instead of fire just hitting the ground and stopping, maybe have it deflect off the ground a bit.
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