Anyone Willing to make a title screen?

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Not sure if this is allowed, but I figured I'd try asking just in case it was ok.

So my first AMV made with HitFilm Express is almost finished I think.  Considering how nice it is compared to AMVs I made many years ago with just Windows Movie Maker, I was thinking it deserves a beautiful title screen.

Not having Pro, I'm a bit limited in creating what I'd like due to having just Express, AND being so new to the program.

I figured for someone who is viced in the program, whipping up a quick title screen might be an easy thing to do, and I'd be happy to have an acknowledgement of thanks of course in the credits.

Just looking to have some text that burns with little embers floating around and such, and if possible a logo burning with it.  I can provide images for what my idea is/what the logo is... But I'm thinking so long as it has the logo in it, anything someone could come up with burning would likely give me the starry eyes.


So- if someone is  willing and able to help, please let me know. <3 thank you


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    @babytoe I'd be happy to take a shot at it, but I'm not exactly the most accomplished Hitfilmer.  If you could give a little more to go on to be sure what you're going for, and what is an AMV?  :)   You can contact me via email if you'd like:  [email protected] 

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    @tddavis for the record, much of the setup to make a dissolving, burning logo has been done for you. I have a bare-bones text dissolve template on Javert's marketplace (I may have the template still on Dropbox, according to the video's description), or you can download the project files for either my Infinity War/Sandman dissolve tutorial on the FXHOME YouTube channel, or take a look at Jay's take on the effect, which uses masking instead of matting.

    And Jay's video on using Lifetime to change particle color.

    While the longer tutorials are discussing "Infinity War" dissolves, that's unimportant. The key is setting up a Layer Emitter to generate the particles, and it doesn't matter if the layer source is a video, photo or generated media/text layer. Principles and execution are pretty much identical.

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    @Triem23 Hey, great starting points if not almost the  complete project.   I'll be sure to look at all of those.  I vaguely recall a tutorial for Blender that I played with bursting text into flames or smoke and that was in the back of my mind.

    Edit: Found it:

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    @tddavis Blender is another viable option.

    The "Text Dissolve" template (above) is probably about 40% of what you'd need. I'm not looking at the template, myself, but I assume that it's using an embedded comp shot to generate the dissolve mask, so, swapping the basic text with other text or a logo should just update the effect. You could use 3D extrusion or Surface Studio to texture things up, maybe adjust the mask creating the wipe a bit.

    In the particle sim you'd turn the size of the particles way down an the number up (Or, use the Sparks Streak texture). Pop in a lifetime graph to sweep the color from yellow to orange to red over life and maybe adjust the alpha graph. Set the blend to ADD for a glowy look. Duplicate the emitter, change the seed on the second emitter, set it's blend to Normal, change the color gradient to random grays and change the texture to something like Dark Smoke.

    Beyond that, as with all particle sims (whether Hitfilm, Blender, Particular or other), there's that fun period of tweaking the sliders to get a look you like.

    Do take a look at the tutorials. Between myself and @FilmSensei there's a lot of useful information on ways to set up the project and quick tips on some of the particle sim features. As I said, Jay gets into the Lifetime panel for colors, while I sneak in something on "Acceleration," which I believe isn't touched on in any other particle sim tutorial to date.

    @babytoe Terry (tddavis) is a good guy and he's better with the software than he usually gives himself credit for. If he jumps on this with you, I'm sure you'll end up with a kick-butt logo screen.

    Oh, Terry, consider layering in some Atomic Particles as well. Here's a couple of tutorials on text dissolves with Atomic. Javert's also adds in a little particle sim just to show how the two can work together.

    EDIT: The Blender version looks pretty sweet! Way I see it, both tools have ways to accomplish the desired outcome, so whichever tool is easier for you to set is is the one to use! :-D

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    @Triem23 The dropbox link to the asset in the first tutorial is a 404 but I went to Javert's google drive and downloaded anything that sounded close.  Without his great layout page from before it's hard to tell which is which and your name only showed up on the Photon effect.  I'll sift through them if @babytoe decides to use my services.   I did open all the Youtube Links so they would be handy in History.  Thanks for vote of confidence.  I can only try. :)

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    @tddavis In addition, here is my video on the Text Disintegration Effect...

    Also, I did an update to Majahr's Text Dissolve Effect (shown above) and the project file is in the Preset Market. If you need it, I am sure I still have it and I would be happy to provide it directly to you!

    Edit: Here is the project File for the Atomic Particles Text Dissolve Effect...

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    @FilmSensei Thanks for the link.  That's one I saw on the Marketplace but didn't download because I didn't realize it was a text one.  I thought it might just be a random particle design.

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    I sent you an email last night, did you get it?

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    @babytoe No, sorry, I didn't.  I was wondering so I have been checking it frequently today. :)


    Scratch that.  I went to my deleted emails and found it.  Sorry about that.  I totally missed it.

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    @babytoe Do you want the logo to stay red or the just have a red glow about it?  I'll give this a go and see where to go from there.  I downloaded that preset too.

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     A smoldering kinda burnish glow would be awesome if possible. <3  Whatever you think looks best with what's going on. <3 Thank you!!

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