Creating a custom slide effect that will hopefully let me control the slide speed

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I'm aware, Hitfilm has a 'quick' slide feature built into it; thanks to this tutorial (link).

I tried to follow the tutorial here (link), to create one from 'scratch', in hopes of controlling the slide speed.

Unfortunately this is how it turned out:

I want the entire rectangle to slide off as one piece while still preserving it's original dimension 'off screen'.

May one please show me how to achieve this?

Edit: I may have figured it out, as detailed in the image below. But I was also wondering, when moving the overlay video to the corner of the black layer image 'under' it, is there a hotkey I can hold on the keyboard while dragging it with the mouse, to get it (right, and bottom side) perfectly aligned with the edge of black layer?



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    Glad to hear that you got the slide portion figured out. Unfortunately there aren't currently any snapping features available when dragging layers around the viewport. However, you can use the buttons in the Alignment portion of the Layout tab (currently covered by text in your screenshot) to align any layer with the screen edges. Click the far right button in each group of three in the top row. Even if you've scaled your layer smaller than its default size, HitFilm will compensate for that when snapping to the edges.

    If you'd like to see interactive snapping tools added so you can snap to edges as you drag, I suggest making your voice heard in the wishlist thread.

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