Appalling Performance with Premiere

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CourtneyBrown  Maybe you wanna weigh on this.

This has not been a very good year for Adobe, so I suppose this shouldn't come out as a surprise but dear god. . .
Ignite Pro is virtually UNUSABLE on Premiere Pro (I'm using 2018 since the newer one is in heaps of bug fixes)

For any more then one effect, I need to render my sequences inside  in order to properly view the outcome, something that is simply waaaaaay too time consuming.

Meanwhile, on Vegas Pro, (while editing 4k footage I might add), I can stack up upto 5 or 6 effects and still fly with the freakin thing.

I'm opting for cutting my stuff on Premiere and exporting it to grade on Vegas Pro for now (IMAGINE THAT!) 

But what the hell guys.

I'm starting to think FXhome should probably suspend support for Adobe till they get their freakin act together.

Ignite buyers who don't own more then one NLE might dismiss this as a crappy plugin, when in reality, its this stupid clunky unresponsive heap of an adobe platform that simply refuses to find its balance.


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    Ignite supports efficient interface with the Vegas GPU system. I believe it was Vegas that defined the OpenCL/OpenGL extensions to OpenFX for efficient access.

    I don't know of any OpenFX hosts beyond Vegas that support this. e.g. Ignite sucks performance wise in Resolve.

    I don't know  of any OpenFX plug-ins that support those OpenFX extensions beyond Ignite. I know NewBlue did not and Red Giant Universe did not. In fact in Resolve this is probably why they support mechanisms to cache specific OpenFX plug-in output since performance is so different than native.

    All that said, I don't know what goes on with Adobe's plug-in format. What they do or do not support as far as GPU enabled plug-ins to efficiently interface with the hosts GPU subsystem.

    I only brought up Vegas since it was mentioned that Ignite works fast in Vegas and not elsewhere.

    Where can inefficiency occur. No efficient interface.

    • Host has frame in GPU buffer
    • plug-in. transfer buffer from GPU ram to system ram
    • host passes system ram buffer to plug-in
    • if plug-in is GPU based. The plug-in then transfers back to the GPU, does its thing, and then reads back from GPU to system ram. 
    • plug-in gives host the system ram buffer
    • host probably puts buffer back to gpu

    How can this be more efficient for a GPU enabled plug-in on a GPU enabled host.

    • Host has frame in GPU buffer
    • a GPU enabled plug-in receives the GPU ram buffer from host.
    • the plug-in does its thing, and leaves buffer in GPU ram
    • plug-in returns to host

    Ignite uses OpenGL so any host mechanism to efficiently allow a GPU plug-in would have to support OpenGL in that mechanism. Most hosts are OpenCL/CUDA based internally.

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    I am still testing things with Adobe Premiere. I have determined so far that it is not the GPU that is causing the problems with plugins. Ignite is my go-to plugin for many thing, including chroma key, so this is a huge issue for me. We ( do a LOT of green screen stuff, and we have always gotten the cleanest keys from Ignite. But now Ignite is not working with Premiere. The problems occur with or without using the hardware or the software for rendering. The problems also exist with BCC, but I am now testing the latest 2019 version of BCC, so I don't have results for that yet. I will post an update. What it seems is happening is that Adobe did stuff to Premiere with their 2019 updates that effectively forces people to use AE rather than plugins. When you delete the plugin, Premiere bounces back to life. I am working on a Windows 10 machine, clean and new install, with an ASUS Dual RTX 2060 GPU, 32 gigs of ram, and new installs of all software.  I will continue to update. Since we run on a tight video schedule, I have had to do work arounds until this gets fixed. My current workaround is to edit in Premiere without applying any plugins, and then render movie parts as needed, then take the rendered parts and put them into HitFilm Pro for keying and any additional plugins. I get the clean keys in Hitfilm, and I am using HitFilm Pro like others use AE. I just like HitFilm better than AE. Once I get the keys right, I render again (always HD) and import the finished pieces back into Premiere as mp4 files, where I finish the movie. 2018 was a dreamy year editing in Premiere when all of the Ignite plugins worked. Then in December the Adobe updates arrived. Wicked.

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