Way to add border to text in HitFilm? (border going outwards)

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With HitFilms new feature of adding text straight on the timeline, I can't seem to find the option to outline text at all.

And even when you can add outlines to text, it adds the outline inwards. Making most fonts look terrible.

I was wondering is there any easy way to add outline OUTWARDS to text?

I'm making a video where I want the text to be big, and also have a huge outline. (for optimal visibility) but I can't figure out how it's done. I'd appreciate any help! (:


  • NormanPCN
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    The Hitfilm outline stroke is centered on the glyph outline. Grows in and out.

    For an outside outline you can try the outer glow effect.

  • tddavis
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    @FrostDrive I'm not at my computer today (Grandkids sitting) but I'm thinking if you duplicate the text layer, give the color you want the outline to be and scale it up a bit until it shows around your text.  Then make a 2nd copy of the text, scale it up just little past the original and make it invisible and use it for a set matte effect on the outline layer.  I think that should work but I can't test anything at the moment and I haven't used the set matte before so it's all theory.  Hope it helps in some small way.  

    Edit:  Distractions made me late again :) And my idea is less than ideal compared to NormanPCN 's

  • Palacono
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    You need a duplicate of your text layer. Add the border to one - say it's white text with a black border - put the other white text in front of it to hide the black border that cuts into the text.

  • FilmSensei
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    Another idea to increase visibility of your text is to add a Drop Shadow Effect onto it. This will let it pop up off the background. Don't forget to adjust the settings of the Drop Shadow for maximum impact.

    A second thing I like to do is blur the background picture out (if it is appropriate to the scene). This will cause your viewer to focus on the text only.

  • mabdelbary
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    I saw in a tutorial in an older version of HitFilm that you can control the transparency within the same text menu, why can't I just specify the fill or stroke amount or transparency within the same menu instead of making several duplicates or doing different tricks?

    I tried to search for this feature in the newer version but it seems to be removed.

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