RL Fight game first try.

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Created a RL Street Fighter Video Game (Not made to be a replica of Street Fighter just the concept). Any feedback to help me improve my videos is much welcomed 
Programs I Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro & Davinci Resolve Lite 
Camera: Canon T3i 18-55mm lens


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    Overall, pretty solid. Some of your particles effects "pop" on an off a little abruptly--I know flare effects appear instantly in street fighter games, but to me it's a little jarring. Maybe some short (2-3 frame) fades, or seeing the particle effect grow from nothing, rather than pop in full-formed would help?
    At 53 seconds, you have a hard, square edge on Dark Ryu's particles. I'm assuming you precomped in a long, narrow layer? Maybe widen that layer so the effects aren't hitting the comp edge?
    55 seconds to 1:08--Thirteen seconds a long shot to watch a guy standing doing nothing--especially when simulating a fighting game. Any way to shorten that take?
    1:09-1:13--you have inconsistent sizes and glows on Ryu's fireball. 1:10 is a very small ball, 1:11 is a much much larger ball, 1:13 is a much brighter ball. Take another pass to get the ball size and glow consistent between the shots.
    Otherwise, you have a pretty solid little short there. Look like you got lucky on your shooting day and had clouds and overcast lighting. This gave you a nice diffused lighting and almost no cast shadow--I'm pretty sure you have some greenscreen shots here, and the diffused lighting on location helped that blend nicely.
    Take a look at orange pekoe's Gamer Rumble short:
    and his VFX breakdown for his Particle Warfare short:
    OP does really fantastic work, and, although Hitfilm and AE are different programs, there's enough similarity that he might be able to offer you some good tips and advice that you can translate into AE>
  • TstrongVfxTstrongVfx Website User Posts: 4
    Thank you Triem,  That was all really great advise I am going to apply it to my future projects.  Also their was no green screen used at all for this video.
    Thanks again!!
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    When it transitions to KO and from KO I think their should maybe be an animation. And at 47 seconds the 2 blasts just instantly dissapear maybe a fade out. Other then that this is really good.
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