I'm still waiting for a reply to my ticket

Hi, I just want to know why my ticket hasn't received a reply yet, I opened it 7 days ago. Here is the link: https://fxhome.com/questions/CYT-992712



  • Stargazer54
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     Yaw, well this isn't support.  This is the user forum.

  • Support isn't responding, that's why I post here to get someone of the staff to look into my ticket, there could be an issue with my ticket since they "aim to respond within 48 hours during the week and within 72 hours at weekends" and I've waited 168+ hours


  • Triem23
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    But, as @Stargazer54 said, this is a user forum. Forum moderators are not Staff, btw  we're volunteer users who delete spam.

    Here's the only advice I can give you. 7 days ago you opened a ticket for Hitfilm v11. Hitfilm 12 is now out. Try updating your software and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise, users can't even click the link to view your questions. 

    FXHOME Staff does peruse the forums, but they don't necessarily read every thread. You can try re-contacting through the support system  but their first advice very likely might be the same as mine. Update your Hitfilm to latest version and see if that solves the issue  

  • Its not a technical issue, I'm requesting a refund in my ticket, so updating won't solve it, but thanks for the advice, I will give it a couple of days more

  • Ticket updated yesterday (after making this thread) but no reply, it was only updated (??)

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    It also says (in the Status column) "Awaiting customer response." Check your email, including your spam folder in case their reply ended up there by mistake. I'm guessing you cropped the screen capture, but is there any information showing below that ticket header?

    Also keep in mind that it's now the weekend, so any action happening on your ticket means that some FXhome staffer is working overtime. Most likely this won't be wrapped up until folks get back to the office next week.

  • That status is there since I opened the ticket even after I wrote a second message it still shows as "Awaiting customer response" here is the uncropped version (there is no reply) and ticket just updated again (??):

  •  This issue has been solved by customer support. Thanks!