Hitfilm 12: How are you finding it works for you?

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There are several threads where people are discovering HF12 has changed to the point where performance on their current setup is not quite as smooth as it was before. If you're still on Windows 7 you'll also find you can't minimise it.

I'm one of those people who finds it slower, and I also prefer to use Windows 7 because I have so many other Win7 programs I'm not prepared to upgrade. That's fine, I can go back to a previous version of Hitfilm, although that's not a solution for everyone, or new users who have nothing to go back to. Also FXHome would quickly go bust if no one ever moved past HF11, so any common problems need to be identified ASAP.

Has performance actually improved for you, and how, or has it slowed down - also how? Maybe, armed with a larger number of reports and details, the developers will be able to spot a common thread in some of the issues we're having and deal with them.

No one from FXHome can really ask these questions, and they probably can't reply to this thread, but if they're reading your reports it'll probably give them some idea of where they might direct their attention.

CPU, GPU, RAM, PC/Mac, Operating System would all be likely useful info to include, as well.


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    Well, that didn't work.  Still lots of separate threads about slow performance. Well, it'll all get sorted in the end. :)

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    @Palacono Well, I thought it was a good idea, too. :)  It would sure make the Dev's lives a lot easier than sigting through pages and pages.  Don't know if I'm just one of the lucky ones or if I use my programs so infrequently I don't have issues, aside from that weird not seeing masks and effects without clicking away and then back, but so far 12 is doing great for me. And I haven't worked on anything big in 12 yet to see if that weird glitch is still there or not. 

     I think a lot of times users, and I am as guilty as anyone, don't take the time to search for similar topics before starting a new thread.

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    @tddavis "I think a lot of times users, and I am as guilty as anyone, don't take the time to search for similar topics before starting a new thread."

    Bingo. Or they find a similar topic that was last updated five years ago, and write nothing more than, "I'm having the same problem. Can you help me?"

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    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

    CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-7660U CPU @ 2.50GHz

    GPU: Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics 640

    RAM: 8 GB

    Free Hard Drive Space: 78.93 GB


    I have had some mixed results. Now the timeline scrubbing and playback have been GREATLY improved for me personally. Much faster, better quality, and scrubbing doesn't chug like it did in the older version of HitFilm. THe only killer for me has been gpu driver issues. Basically, my drivers seem to be up to date, yet HitFilm says mine are out of date. Heard of many people with the same issue. HitFilm isn't working with the gpu at all it seems. Which is fine when I slap a few clips together with zero effects (though it is slower) but any effects or particles won't render for me, instead it renders out blank black video in those areas. As of now I have reinstalled the old version of hitfilm until these driver issues can be solved, though I am missing the better performance in the timeline. 

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    @Wolf17Awesome I should make up a thread for what I'm about to type...

    So, Intel changed its driver format and delivery method in November, 2018. Updating Intel drivers actually now requires Intel's Driver assistant software. The last driver for my Intel GPU was in January. Any Intel drivers older than that are older than mid-Jan are out of date.


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    So I recently got the newest 12.0 update for Hitfilm, and I put my videos from my phone onto iMovie and downloaded them in 1080p. Then I used them in Hitfilm and tryed exporting the video in 1080p with 60 frames per second, but it will only allow me to go up to 1080p 30 frames. Also sometimes it wouldn’t even let me export that setting either. I tryed everything that people have said to do in the past and nothing works. What should I do??

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    @Slicknick12345What are your system specs? OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, and free hard drive space.

  • Slicknick12345Slicknick12345 Website User Posts: 2

    I’ll get back to you on the system specs real soon, and I’ll free up some hard drive space. But just last night I went on and tried to export 1080p 60 fames per second, and it worked....sadly though the video goes way waster than the audio. I tried the same thing with 30 frames per second but the same thing came up

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    I have an Editing Desk with two iMacs running High Sierra 10.13.6. I was using version 11 and on opening HitFilm on one of them today, it wanted to update to version 12.

    The one I have done, is a Late 2015 iMac 27" 5k 32 GB Ram with Radeon R9 Graphics and up until now, version 11 edited very smoothly, using only the Low Ram setting.

    I totally removed all of version 11 first, before installing 12. It now runs very badly with 12. I've increased the Ram usage to 28 GB and it only helped slightly. Before, a 2 hour M2T HD file would take roughly 2 mins to totally import and conform ready for editing. Now it takes about 10 mins and Timeline Editing is so laggy, it makes it almost impossible to use. I haven't got as far as an Export yet, as it really is unusable.

    For the moment, I've left the other iMac on 11 and ignore the requests for update and that one runs as smooth as silk.

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    Update to my comment above.

    The CPU is 3.2GHz quad‑core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz).

    I have cleared the Project, started again, doing exactly the same things as before only this time, the HD file imported in a few secs and carried on the work just as version 11 did. Very Strange.

    The difference is that, in 11, I could single frame instantly and therefore just hold the Shortcut down until it got to where I wanted. With version 12, the Preview Window appears to be refreshing with any frame change producing a blue line under the Window with each refresh delay, meaning I have to deliberately do repeat press of the shortcut, taking longer to get there.

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    What I've learned from 25 years on the Mac is that it is generally wise to avoid early versions of a major new release of OSX.   The more ground breaking a new release is attempting to be, the more that is probably true.  Not sure of the relevance to Hitfilm of this principle, but it may apply to any complex software.

    Also, before I upgrade most anything I want to know specifically why I am doing so.  I'll read through the list of new features and if I don't find anything compelling (which I usually don't with OSX) I'll pass and stick with what's already working. 

    At least with OSX, Apple tends to give new features with one hand while taking away old features with the other hand, and I want to know what the trade offs are.  And of course new releases typically need more resources than older versions, which is an issue to watch out for if one is on an older machine.

    For me at least, the bottom line is "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it".  If I'm going to violate that rule I typically need some kind of "must have!" new feature that gets me all excited.

    When it comes to Hitfilm, I get the sense that powerful new features are added regularly.  But I typically don't understand what the new features really do, and thus can't picture how I would use them in my workflow, thus I'm still using the 1973 version of Hitfilm :-) which I'm actually quite happy with.  As I learn more overtime this will likely change, but I'm guessing I'll always be a number of versions behind everybody else.



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    @PhilTanny, totally agree with not updating OS's unless you need to and the very reason why I've stuck to High Sierra and not jumped into Mojave. High Sierra works just fine for me, including my old 2011 iMac, which just loves it.

    Anyway, now seen another release of HF 12, so about to try that.

    Post note: Still leaving the other iMacs on HF 11, just in case.

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    Great tip to stay on High Sierra - but what to do if you have a new Mac running per default on Mojave? I‘ve a Mac Mini 2018 and a Mac Book Pro 2018 with Radeon graphics, both on 32GB RAM and SSDs, both i7 processors. An eGPU with Radeon 580 /8GB will attached to the Mini in the next week. I assume that should be enough power for editing and compositing. But HF 12 performance is far behind my expectations. In comparison DaVinci Resolve and FCPX are performing well, over the weekend I‘ll test Premiere. 

    So in the Moment I just have to wait that Mac issues will be fixed soon incl. full Radeon (e)GPU support.  At least I would expect some official words from FXHome and a clear roadmap. In the meantime I move some of my workflow to Resolve. 

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    You should be fine with Mojave. It is now officially supported as for HF 12.1.

  • DannyDevDannyDev Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 338 Staff


    "If you're still on Windows 7 you'll also find you can't minimise it."

    I fixed this internally today for a future update, hopefully 12.2 or 12.3.


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    @DannyDev giving yet another reminder of why FXHOME is awesome: working on a patch for an "unsupported" OS! 

  • ThomekkThomekk Website User Posts: 79 Just Starting Out

    Thanks @DannyDev - that sounds great, so at least us oldtimers still get a chance to keep up with all that stuff a little bit

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    @MichaelAtkins "...a 2 hour M2T HD file..."

    A couple years back it was recommended to me to split long files into several smaller ones before bringing them into HitFilm for editing. I've followed this ever since, and never have the kinds of issues you're describing, so I'm passing the suggestion on in case it helps. I'm not sure of the exact reason this helps with interactivity in HitFilm, though I think it has something to do with seeking individual frames in the file; i.e. it's faster to find them in a small file than a large one. Is that correct, @NormanPCN ?

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    I don't any much experience with long files. My longest is about 20 minutes (GoPro media). I have read numerous reports over time of people having issue with long files and Hitfilm stability. I tried to reproduce with a simple test but got no instability with a constructed long file. It was only one stupid test.

    Seeking in a long vs short files. Again I have no experience.

    As for speculating...

    Seeking long vs short. For media like MOV/MP4 is should be similar. MOV/MP4 typically has extensive metadata to help in this regard. Still there is no I/IDR frame lookup table in MOV/MP4, that I know of, which would be ideal.

    M2T could be ugly to seek in. Ugly as in a very brute force manual search.

    Scrubbing is typically seeking. Playback is sequential.

    Hitfilm, and/or it's media decoder drivers it uses (aka Mainconcept) may have to do some extra with this (potential) seek metadata depending on what their needs/requirements are. Assuming one has such, or builds such, a seek table.  Hitfilm may have localized seek storage. Localized around layer/clip "in" points. To get/find that localized point it can/may take longer to find and remember that in a longer file. I would think they want at least that. A quick way to start sequential play from some arbitrary point. MOV/MP4 should get one somewhat close to find that better localized seek point regardless of file size.


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    I just thought of something else. A difference between HF previous and HF 12. HF12 wants to "conform" audio to it's cache folder... always. Previously this was done only when the media audio was a different sample rate than timeline. e.g. a 44.1 CD sound file on a typical 48K video timeline. Now Hitfilm 12 always wants to conform and play from the conformed audio. That conformed audio is most certainly simple PCM.

    This conform thing is kinda slow. Certainly for a 2 hour media file. If the video engine still allows playback during the conform process then this could zap playback performance. This assuming the playback can use source audio if conformed audio is not available. Heck, conformed audio might be a playback only "optimization".

    Considering all this, if true, I would hope the conform thread(s) would be executing with a lower/idle execution priority. That way something 'important' like playback would effectively starve the conform process of CPU time. This is what I have always done since my first GUI background thread back in good old days (~NT 3.5). One can also have a manual suspend of the conform process.

    Hitfilm also targets the Mac and for a while the MacOS has sit on top of a "Unix" kernel. Lord I know that thread priorities are an issue from each "Unix" type OS.

    If neither happen then a pending conform could zap performance for a time. Seeks irrelevant. 

    Random thoughts from an unreformed serial speculator... 

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