Ignite OFX on Linux

MicahMasterStudios Website User Posts: 2

I'm on Linux and really want to use Ignite Pro in Davinci Resolve Studio!

I tried installing the Ignite Express Windows version with Wine and it seemed to install fine but than won't start. I went to my file system and transferred the OFX files to my OFX folder that Resolve reads from for OFX plugins. No luck!

I would totally buy Ignite Pro if I knew I could get it to work on Linux. You could make it for all versions of Linux too like Blackmagic has done with Resolve. They use a .run installer that works across the Linux ecosystem. There's also Flatpak and Snap Pack which also work on all versions of Linux. Or target an individual Linux distro like Mocha, Sapphire, Nuke, Lightworks, and more do!

Bring Ignite Pro to Linux!!


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