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Help! I am trying to render a 3:46 video. When I export in/out it shows 6:00 length in rendering. When I export contents it shows 5:07. How do I get it to render just 3:46?  -Pete Jorgensen


  • triforcefx
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    Are you sure there is nothing on your timeline after the 3:46 mark? (Hint: look for any "runaway media" at 5:07) I've found at times that I accidentally left anything from a single frame (look carefully for those) to a full-on large media clip that I forgot to delete from the timeline.

    If there really is nothing, that's odd. What are your system specs? Is everything up to date?

    If you absolutely have to, you can set the out point to 3:46, then export IN/OUT

  • CleverTagline
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    Following up on the tip from @triforcefx to look for errant clips, you might need to zoom in to see them. I haven't tested the latest version for this specific issue, but I know that recent versions have had an issue where short clips on the Editor timeline became literally invisible when zoomed out to certain levels.

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